yoga love


There is a place inside you, where the entire universe dwells. Find it and begin to share from there. 

What does your body crave daily? Feed it what it truly wants. Feed it easy recipes of freedom from day to day aches, pains and disturbances. Why live a life of pain when you really can try out different recipes for your lifestyle and your unique body. Why not try to live free of pain? You deserve to have a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of your health, life, and wellness. 

We all find ourselves at some point or another either injured, or aching, and if not us then someone we know. 

Sometimes even the little things are the most painful and inconvenient like waking up in the morning with a sore neck after sleeping wonky.

Share the Yoga Love is a website designated for easy ways to feel amazing in our bodies. We all have them, bodies. And often throughout time and experiences we begin to feel aches and pains, or find ourselves injured or healing. Whatever body you are in, there is a yoga for you! Yes, even your kids. Yes even your mother and father. Yes, yes, even your uncle who is in a wheelchair. And yes! Jeez, your stubborn boyfriend. Him too. 

Hi my name is Kiley and I am the content producer for STYL. I have a deep practice of yoga consisting of self care, sports medicine, yoga therapy, energy healing, aromatherapy, space setting/feng shui, meditation and emotional freedom techniques. Here my tips, tools and guidance have a home so that people of all backgrounds and body types may have a safe space to play and enter the arena of a life lived fully with freedom from physical pains. I am constantly stacking information to share with you a wide range of self treatments, ideas, practices, and tools that you can use selfishly (awesome!) or that you can share (double awesome!). 

I believe that there truly is a yoga technique for this is me sharing the love of yoga and wellness, to no longer be selfish with all these fantastic, surprisingly easy, tools that I have collected over the past decade, for the pursuit of our ultimate wealth, our health. 

Thank you, and please do contact me with any inquiries on creating a home practice tailored specifically for you or someone you know and love. It never hurts to ask, and you may be surprised with the results. XOXO Hugs and Smiles, Kiley