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About Kiley

Hi, my name is Kiley :) I am a dedicated practitioner of health and wellness.

For years I have hoarded information about living free of pain and how to increase love, joy and well-being in my own life, and that of my students.

I am a self care specialist and a feel good enthusiast dedicated to bringing peace, love and JOY to our lives...bringing us all back to our truest selves and (highest) purposes.

Trainings and Education expand far beyond my certificates in Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Yoga, Sports Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping and Reiki.

With a background in teaching self care for athletes, yoga for at risk youth, yoga and meditation at conscious music festivals and gatherings, one on one private classes, groups and events, there is no age or ability that is turned away from my classes, all are welcome.

Everyone is included and can find ways to feel FREE-ER, FULL-ER and more EXPANDED in their current Body, Mind and Soul. All ages and abilities succeed with me.

Whether you are 5 years old or 105 years young, whether you are flexible or stiff, happy or depressed, there is something in her teachings/classes for everyone, truly.

In a busy world with so many things to turn to to distract or destroy us, what are some steps you want to take or learn to keep in your pocket on this discovery back to our self, in what ways do you want to take more care into your relationship with yourself, what are the tools we have for coming back to our self, our truest self? I share tips tricks and tools for reclaiming your essence, your life force, your divinely guided TRUTH.

In joy & love,


⚡ Self love and freedom ⚡


More About kiley:

A devoted yogi for over a decade, a teacher of Yoga Therapeutics and Hatha for 8 years, a Reiki practitioner for 7 years, and a tapping/EFT facilitator for 4 years. my Passions extend well beyond the confines of those categories, and extend far into women and human health, better lifestyle maintenance and management, behavioral and organizational therapy with regards to conscious consumerism and sustainability.

I focus greatly on living and loving to our best potential and how to move into a state of balance by weaving all your favorite parts of your life into a fabric of passion, play, health, wealth and professionalism. What kind of life would you live if you could live any life?  

If you would like a complimentary consultation, have a question, comment or criticism, OR if you would like a personally tailored video for you or someone you know, REACH OUT to me. What do you have to lose? Or gain?!

XOXO :) Kiley 


I wanna see you SMILE! 

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