If you want to do something, go somewhere or try something, and NO ONE ELSE wants to go or they can't, I say, just go! 

I really wanted to go to Yosemite, and yet no one could or wanted to. And I packed up my dog and I and drove us to Yosemite. Right as I was about to leave an acquaintance reached out and said she was down for the one day mission! 

We had so much fun in the Yosemite floor and exploring what the parks magic holds. 

My lesson and reminder here: Just go. The right people, energy and actions will follow. It is weird, and I do not just "flow" all the time, but when I do, ah, it feels so good! 

I hope in time I am able to trust more in these ways. I just never want to be a burden on anyone, or to depend on people too much for the simplest of things. I want to feel confident that I have shelter, food, water and bathroom amenities. I can do traveling flow, and short trip flow, but to rid myself of all physical things, belongings and comforts, I don't know, I am not sure if that is my goal yet...even though I sometimes envy those who can. Lol :) With tiny homes, and van life crazes, I do see the beauty in it all. I do. And I am sure they know things I will never fully know. I just want to be a provider, not a rider! I want to host a property that houses and feeds many amazing creative souls in a happy jubilee of fresh foods, pure waters, earthen structures and magical moments. Big dinners, limitless opportunities for success and collaborations. I am sure I can do this all out of a van, but I really can't. I want to host big dinners in a snow storm, and read to big circles of children and families by a big fire place. Does any of this resonate? ...I digress :) For now...!

Kiley McInroy