Heart Maintence : Required.


There is no way to practice letting go, other than to just...let...gooo. 


Let it Go Baybeh ~~


Yep. Whether it’s letting go of your breath. Or letting go of someone who is not in a place to show up.  


What I have told myself growing up was this concept I made up: 

 Just because you let someone go, does not mean theyll cease to exist, explode, or even know! Letting someone go it is like letting them out of your solar system. They will still be their own planet circulating in space but you no longer have to be in the same orbit. Just because you “delete them” from your orbit does not mean they will no longer exist. They will always exist and this practice allows you to feel lighter and to focus on what’s truly valuable in your orbit.


However, I want to add new feelings to this. After living in Los Angeles for four months now, I have realized that even “close friends” will delete you from their life if they feel they cannot use you to climb some sort of twisted façade of a ladder. A.k.a. if you do not have 100,000 or more followers, you do not know a bunch of billionaires, you aren’t “ in the scene”, etc. I may have heard these comments moving down here, but I refused to believe them. I kept saying I only manifest the highest vibrational people. And while that is true, I have only manifested some magnificent sparkly mystical truly amazing people, I have also Witnessed and experienced firsthand long time friends throw me to the side for their own hustles.

When in reality I would be a great person on their team and at a great price, usually $Free.99. It brakes my heart but it also leaves me feeling lighter. For here I am releasing them from my sacred orbit knowing they will not explode or die just because I do so, but they will live happily in their own orbit probably not even thinking of me and now I know longer have to carry the weight of the sadness and hurt that my heart feels. Whew! Go team healthier heart vibes! ❤️

The art and practice of letting go.


It is never easy, well sometimes it actually can be!, LOL, but in all seriousness it is something that is actually daily heart maintenance. Can we super scrub and deep clean/spring clean regularly to keep our heart happy? I do it often and if you ever need help doing so this, it really is one of my specialties. Have a magical day. Bless Up. Xoxo 


Kiley McInroy