Your creativity is a living, breathing organism. It is hard to share sometimes. Having an idea or learning something makes me want to share the helpful and beneficial information. Rather than keep for myself, I am at a point of realizing that some people really feel inspired and helped with the way I live and so I am starting share the tools, guidance and actions that help me live a freer, fuller more expanded version of myself through eating choices, lifestyle, yoga and body therapeutics, emotional freedom techniques, and energy relaxation and calming techniques. And mostly, through digital media. 

With a background in sports, nature and outdoor activities I have a deep need to feel good in my body. I have recovered successfully from an array of injuries in my life. And PT and Doctors could only hold my hand and help me so far. I am determined to share the ways in which to heal yourself from the inside out, how to live a life you are proud of, ways to increase vitality, vibrance and life. I am truly only keen to share with folks who are inspired to re-connect to their mind, body, spirit, essence and health. 

I have many levels of integration, through personalized care, in small groups or 1 on 1, that tailor lifestyle enhancements to your desires and needs. With easy care, tangible practices, and simple integration techniques to help you the whole way on your journey. 


Come here to learn, practice and share as we all continue on this colorful spiraled path.

With love, kindness, and great care, 

Kiley Michele Smiles

Kiley McInroy