Can I start if i am not flexible?

Yes. Of course. This is where we start! We will build a safe program built just for you for aligning your body and mind to become stronger, more open and more connected. 

How much is a private class?

This ranges. I do hold group classes, bachelorette parties, at risk youth events, elderly care classes, healing workshops, yoga for kids, yoga for anxiety/depression/trauma, corporate events, self-care for athletes. All of these range in pricing. Contact me and we can figure out the right price for you! Thank you. 

I live far away, do you do skype sessions?

Yes I do. I actually LOVE computers and Skype sessions. If you are newer to computers I can also assist you to make this process more seamless for you too! Skype sessions are great and quite special. No driving to a studio and a very private experience in the comfort of your own home. Rest assured that we can make it happen even if you feel you do not have "all the right props". We get crafty and creative together using what you already have at home. 






Have more questions?

Reach out now. Ask me. I am friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have about me, about yoga, about life, about anything. I am here for you.