Yoga Teacher Classes

My values include being a template of love, sharing our gifts, and being in a constant internal pursuit of being our best selves. Take back your power and allow your magic to flow, and glow!


There are a  W I D E  range of offerings that Kiley shares. With her background in therapeutic specific yoga, relaxation techniques, sports medicine knowledge, emotional freedom techniques, energy work, alignment practices and more, you really are in good hands no matter what the present situation is. She has made it a life long commitment to be of service in the realm of sharing healing tips, and techniques.

Kiley has worked with all body types, all ages, all attitudes, and is encouraging of creating sacred space for listening, healing, and growth to occur naturally through her practices and facilitations.

You will feel SO nourished and supported in her divine and sparkly presence. 



Tailored to you —

personal & Group sessions

This offering goes deep into your own specific goals and needs. With a focus on practicing self love, self awareness and self-release it is amazing for anyone who wants personalized coaching and facilitation. Healing practices, alignment secrets, emotional freedom techniques and relaxation are just some of the topics discovered. 


Family Therapy 

Is there someone in your family that comes to mind when seeking aid with:

  • anxiety taming tools?

  • PTSD experiences that could use some support?

  • Body Pain(s)?

Kiley is equipped with a range of tools for nourishing life's many ups and downs and sharing these tricks with families, parents, elders and children.

there is a FaceTime consultation to begin the process, listening to all that is happening. USUALLY from there you then do a one on one sessions, with each person in the family, to grasp and hear each persons current state(s) and present situation.

the goal is to unify the family through exploring this journey together. 



  • Yoga

    • Therapeutic Teachings

      • athletes, kids, elders, families, festivals, studios

      • corporations, businesses, bachelorette parties

    • Just want to go deeper in your practice?

    • Meditation

    • Chanting and Ritual practices

    • Hatha History

    • Relaxation practices

  • EFT

    • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Reiki Trainings

    • Level 1, 2 and Master


Relax & Recharge

with REIKI

Yoga Teaching

One on One

with YOGA


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